Mini-Go-Round's BoleroChief
Double A Cheyenne Chief,
black tobiano pinto
Blue Eyed Angel,
Black silver frame 
overo pinto w/ blue eyes
 CSF Mark Chestnut, aka- Joker,
Bald face blue eyed tovero pinto
Sex: stallion
Color: Black Silver & white pinto
Registry: AMHR
Birth Date: 5-11-07
Height:  32.5"
Remarks: This gorgeous Black Silver -Tovero Bred Pinto Colt sired by our National Champion Producer, Double A Cheyenne Chief, a black & white tobiano pinto stallion, is the first foal by our black silver overo pinto daughter of AMHR National Champion & PtHA World Champion Stallion, CSF Mark Chestnut.  Bolero appears to be carrying both Tobiano and Overo pinto patterns, but I haven't had a chance to test him.  This young stallion has such a special look at me presence about him! He simply MUST be shown!!!  Not only will he make an awesome show horse, he will also make a spectacular herdsire!!! He has a very sweet, friendly and gentle disposition & I really like this stallion a lot.  He is correct in all ways. Below are alot of Bolero's photos, some in his natural coat and some clipped, as well as his foal photos when he was a baby! Snatch up this handsome boy while you still have the chance!! You will be glad you did!!!


Bolero's natural coat is so dark, he almost looks black, 
but you can see by his mane that he carries the silver gene!

Take a look below at Bolero's photos when he was just a foal.
He was an adorable foal with that special presence about him already!!

Bolero as a foal 

Bolero as a weanling foal 

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