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Lost Spoke's
Cochise Warrior

At maturity, Cochise stands only 28 1/4" tall.

Cochise is a very loudly colored bay, 
near leopard appaloosa stallion.

Cochise is 1/2 Falabella.

  Foaled May 29,1997.

Cochise is sired by the 100% Falabella Stallion ----Grosshill's El Hombre Falabella-- a 28" black roan appaloosa stallion, who is currently producing tiny, beautiful, & correct foals.  Cochise's Grandsire is also a 100% Falabella -- the black & white leopard appaloosa stallion, Grosshill's Comofin, imported from Argentina.  See both of their photos below.  We are very thankful to Dawn & Tommy Thompson of Lost Spoke Miniatures for giving us the opportunity to own this wonderful & beautiful horse--Cochise--he is indeed very special to us!!  Check out some of Cochise's many foals at the link below.

Grosshill's El Hombre Falabella
100% Falabella Stallion

Grosshill's Comofin
100% Falabella Stallion
Cochise's Foals
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