Mini-Go-Round's Wolf's Lil Moonbeam

Note her lace pattern down her back, her white spots on her hips which she was born with (see foal photos below), and the dark black/brown spots on both of her hips.

Dark spots are visible on her hips & back if you look closely.
SIRE: Dierckman's Spotted Blue Wolf,
black leopard
For Sale: Yes
DAM: Moonlight's Appy Buttons CF,
silver-bay leopard
Foaling Date: 7-2-05
Sex: Mare Futurity nominated:
Color: Bay Snowflake Appaloosa w/ spots Height: as of May 2008 32"
Registry: AMHR     
Remarks: Moonbeam is by 2 loud leopard parents.  Her sire is a loud black leopard (click on link above for his photos) and her dam is a loud silver bay leopard pictured below with her and also on her link above.  Her full brother is a loud near leopard (Mini-Go-Round's Spotted Eagle).
Moonbeam has large white snowflake splotches in her blanket area.  We body clipped her and she has dark spots in the bay areas.  She has mottling under her tail, around her eyes and on her muzzle and she has all 4 striped hooves.  She should be a great appaloosa producing mare with all her appaloosa background.  I plan to breed her to my tiny bay leopard stud, Cochise, for a 2009 foal or I can leave her open for your stud if she hasn't already been bred. See our sales list for current pricing on Moonbeam.
A close-up of her spots

Moonbeam's sire is a black leopard.

Moonbeam's white spots as a foal.

Moonbeam w/ her dam, a silver-bay leopard.
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