Mini-Go-Round's Passion For Spotz


RCF Dierckman's 
Spotted Blue Wolf,
black leopard

Lost Spoke's 
Winter Passion,
Black pintaloosa
Sex: Mare
Color: Black Pintaloosa
Registry: AMHA
Birth Date: April 8, 2011
Remarks: I couldn't have asked for a more perfect foal than Little Passion. She is the best of both her sire and dam. She looks so much like her dam, but with lots more spots all over her body. Even her face is all spotted, now that she is shedding her foal coat. And she is put together ever so nice! Visit her dam's & sire's pages by clicking on their names or photos above to see all of the awesome horses in Little Passion's pedigree! Better snatch this one up fast, before I decide to take her off the market. I am in love with this beautiful filly! She is everything I could ask for & more! 

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