Dillard's HHH Pennies From Heaven

Spotted Acres Tom Tom's Spitfire
29.5" Black Appaloosa

Skylark Painted Lady,
33.5" Sorrel (?) Appaloosa, 
Sex: mare
Color: Silver bay near leopard
Registry: AMHA/AMHR
Birth Date: May 16, 2001
I just love this mare. She is a gorgeous silver bay near leopard. She produces show quality foals. She is sweet and friendly and a great mother to her foals. Some of her foals are listed below. Click on their names to see photo/more information on them. I would love to keep this mare, but we are cutting our breeding program way back and need to sell some of our keeper mares, too! So get her now before I change my mind!
Mini-Go-Round's Heavenly Selene, currently for sale.
Mini-Go-Round's Penelope, sold & exported to Ecuador, S.A. in 2014
Dillard's HHH Copper Penny, sold to Carla in Arkansas.
Chippewa, a gorgeous leopard colt foaled for her previous owners.
Below are additional photos of Pennies

Above and right are photos of Pennies with her filly, 
Heavenly Selene. 

Above and to right are photos of Pennies with her filly, 
Copper Penny.
Below is Pennies daughter, Penelope, who was sold and exported to Ecuador, S.A. in 2014.

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