Mini-Go-Round's FWF Painted Warrior
Lovingly Dedicated in Memory of our special boy!!
(April 10, 1997 - June 12, 2008)
Flying W Farms Warbonnet

Hobby Horse's Chief's Lady
Sex: Stallion
Color: Homozygous Chestnut & White Tovero pinto w/ Blue Eyes
Registry: AMHA/AMHR
Birth Date: April 10, 1997
Height: 32.5"
Remarks: Warrior has produced the most awesome foals for us, producing 100% color out of solid colored and non-pinto mares. He is a multi-patterned pinto carrying Tobiano, Sabino, and Splashed White pinto patterns. He is double registered with both AMHA and AMHR registries and is DNA tested. Warrior's pedigree includes the foundation bloodlines of Hobby Horse, Poco Horse and Flying W Farms. His dam is one of my favorite producing broodmares.Unfortunately, we lost Warrior in 2008 when he became ill while on loan at a friend's farm for stud services. He will be greatly missed, as he was one of my favorites, but he will live on through his quality offspring. 
  Below is a listing of some of his foals.
Mini-Go-Round's Little Pixie Blue Eyes, chocolate dapple belly splash-Tovero filly -
with blue eyes and snip, 2000. SOLD - Now in Belgium
Mini-Go-Round's Apache Warrior,tobiano, blue roan pinto colt, 2000. SOLD
Mini-Go-Round's Moonlight Warrior, loud chestnut & white tovero (Sabino-Tobiano)
pinto colt with one blue eye & inkspots, 2001. SOLD
(Mini-Go-Round's Cinderella at Midnite)
black minimal marked tobiano pinto filly, 2001. SOLD
Mini-Go-Round's Sleeping Beauty
loud chestnut & white sabino pinto filly, 2002. Lost foal.
Mini-Go-Round's Xena-Warrior Princess,
loud chestnut & white pinto filly with blue eyes, 2002. SOLD
Foxfire's Pied Piper,
black homozygous pinto colt, 2002. SOLD
Mini-Go-Round's Peppermint Candy
a loud chestnut & white pinto filly, 2003. SOLD 
Mini-Go-Round's Peppermint Patty,
loud chestnut & white pinto filly,2003. SOLD
Mini-Go-Round's Cherokee Warrior
loud chestnut & white pinto with blue eyes, 2005. FOR SALE
Foxfire's Bobbie Socks, bay pinto, 2004. SOLD
Foxfire's Special Effects, sorrel pinto, 2004. SOLD
Mini-Go-Round's A Star Is Born, chocolate dapple pinto,2005. SOLD
Mini-Go-Round's Peaches N Cream
loud palomino pinto with blue eyes, 2004. NOW FOR SALE
Mini-Go-Round's Tiny Dancer
black & white tobiano filly with high stockings, 2005. Lost foal.
Foxfire's Puttin On the Ritz, loud chestnut pinto, blue eyes, 2004. SOLD
Mini-Go-Round's Tiny Trooper, SOLD
& Mini-Go-Round's Razzmatazz, NOW FOR SALE
More photos of Warrior below!

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