Mini-Go-Round's Comanche's Angelina
Jandt's Comanche Warrior,
Bay Tovero Pinto w/ blue eyes
Tanzivan The Pocket Venus,
Black leopard appaloosa
Sex: Mare
Color: Black leopard pintaloosa
Registry: AMHA/AMHR
Birth Date: May 7, 2011
Height: 32.5" 
Remarks: Angelina is the second offspring I have had out of this particular cross of Venus and Comanche Warrior! I just love the results!! Both times were fillies! Angelina's full sister is Mini-Go-Round's Comanche's Pebbles, a bay leopard, born in June 2009. You can see photos of Pebbles by clicking on her name. I imported Angelina's and Pebbles' dam, Venus, and her 1/2 sister, China Doll, from England back in 2000 as yearlings. Venus and China Doll are registered with the British Spotted Pony Society. I had them both hardshipped into the AMHA and AMHR miniature registries. I lost the first 3 foals at birth out of Venus bred to my leopard stallions. I finally got a live foal in 2007 from Venus on her fourth pregnancy out of my fewspot appaloosa stallion, Lil Pete, and it was a gorgeous black appaloosa filly, Aphrodite. I ended up selling Aphrodite to a home in Oklahoma, so I am hoping to keep Angelina and Pebbles for my own breeding program.
Below are more photos of Angelina

Angelina on the right in photo, with Beauty on the left side.

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