Mini-Go-Round's Blonde Sensation

Shown in her newborn foal coat.

Blondie in her yearling coat.

SIRE: Flying A Chiantis Different Drummer aka: Spencer For Sale: Yes
DAM: Hidden Meadow's Sugar Plum Foaling Date: 5/16/2003
Sex: Mare Futurity nominated: No
Color: Palomino/Gold Champagne Pinto Height:  
Registry: AMHA/AMHR DNA Tested:  
Remarks: Blondie was born a pretty golden color with pink skin and blue eyes.  Her skin has turned darker and more mottled on her muzzle now and her eyes are amber.  Her golden coat has turned lighter and is now almost white, so it is difficult to see her pinto pattern any more, as can be seen in her yearling photo. Her changes in eye, coat and skin color are classic signs of the champagne color, so I am led to believe she is carrying the champagne gene. When she was a yearling one of her eyes was injured somehow and it is now cloudy with limited vision.  It doesn't seem to effect her, as she goes out with the herd and gets around just the same as all the other horses.  She will make a very nice broodmare and produce some darling foals. ***SOLD***CONGRATULATIONS TO SUZIE & MIKE MCCLURE OF NORTH CAROLINA ON THEIR PURCHASE OF BLONDIE FOR THEIR DILUTE BREEDING PROGRAM!!!***THANK YOU!!    
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