2005 Foal Nursery Photos
We have 26 live, healthy foals in 2005 and foaling season is over for this year now.  Most of their photos are now posted! Thanks for looking!!
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Mini-Go-Round's Golden Pharaoh -palomino pinto colt -
Mini-Go-Round's Ace's Dealer's Choice X Foxfire's Topaz - foaled April 25, 2005

Mini-Go-Round's Falabella Lucky Charm- Silver dapple pintaloosa filly -
Lost Spoke's Cochise Warrior X Mini-Go-Round's Princess Ariel    - Foaled March 17, 2005

Mini-Go-Round's Eclipse's Tuxedo ***SOLD***
Brewer's Major Eclipse X Mini-Go-Round's Star Spangled Dancer    - Foaled March 23, 2005

Mini-Go-Round's Viggo -colt- *** SOLD***
Mini-Go-Round's Ace's Dealer's Choice X Mini-Go-Round's Chiantis Tiffany    -foaled April 12, 2005

Mini-Go-Round's Black Beauty -colt- ***SOLD***
Double A Cheyenne Chief X Mini-Go-Round's Brown Sugar    -foaled April 1, 2005

Mini-Go-Round's A Star is Born -chocolate pinto filly w/blue eyes- ***SOLD***
 Mini-Go-Round's FWF Painted Warrior X Whispering Oak's Snowhite    - foaled April 9. 2005

Mini-Go-Round's Painted Rosita - filly- ***SOLD***
Double A Cheyenne Chief X Foxfire's Bewitched    - foaled April 16, 2005

Mini-Go-Round's Eclipse's Tuxedo -colt- ***SOLD***


Mini-Go-Round's Apricot Brandy -filly- ***FOR SALE ***
Sooner State's Cortez X CCA's Patty Jewel    - foaled June 27, 2005

Mini-Go-Round's Bay Jubilation -Bay filly- ***SOLD***
Mini-Go-Round's Babe's Barney X HCM Fancy Jubilee    - foaled June 30, 2005

Mini-Go-Round's White Knight -Black & white (mostly white) pinto colt w/blue eyes- He has 1 small spot over his eye, one small spot on his hip, & the lower 1/2 of his tail is black.
***Not For Sale***
Mini-Go-Round's Medicine Man X Mini-Go-Round's Precious Angel   - foaled June 20, 2005

Mini-Go-Round's Tanzivan Nefertiti  -Bay spotted appaloosa filly- ***NOT FOR SALE ***
Lost Spoke's Cochice Warrior X Tanzivan The China Doll    - foaled June 1, 2005

Mini-Go-Round's Snowhite Pegasus-Rare Solid White Pinto colt w/ blue eyes- he has no color anywhere on his body-just all pure white pinto-he is most likely a belly splash/tobiano.  He is not a cremello.  He does have a tiny black freckle on his lower left eyelid.

Mini-Go-Round's Medicine Man  X   NXS Eclipse's Bold & Blue   - foaled June 28, 2005
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This page created In Memory of --
**Mini-Go-Round's Eternal Phoenix** 4-2-05 to 4-4-05
Foxfire's My Fair Lady X Brewer's Major Eclipse
**Black Tobiano Filly with High White Stockings, Star, & Lightning Bolt Blaze**
Also In Memory of the following foals gone to Heaven-
Mini-Go-Round's Timothy - red dun colt with star-6-3-05 to 6-7-05 
Diamond D's Doc X Dierckman's Spotted Blue Wolf
Mini-Go-Round's Tiny Dancer - black & white tobiano filly with high stockings-5-30-05 to 6-2-05 Mini-Go-Round's Black Rose X Mini-Go-Round's FWF Painted Warrior
Mini-Go-Round's Lady in Black - black appy bred filly- 
Tanzivan Pocket Venus X Dierckman's Spotted Blue Wolf - aborted 2 months early
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