Mini-Go-Round's Ace's Dealer's Choice
aka: Chad


Photos of Chad taken in his natural shed out coat!

Rockin J Playboy's Ace,
homozygous bay pinto with blue eyes
Mini-Go-Round's HCM Midnight Lace,
black & white pinto
Sex: stallion
Color: Bay & white homozygous tobiano pinto
Registry: AMHA/AMHR
For Sale: YES
Birth Date: April 5, 2001
Height: 30"
DNA tested: YES
Chad is a tiny and correct bay pinto stallion that we raised and have used in our breeding program. Chad has been lab tested positive for Homozygous Tobiano (TT) pinto coloration & thus 100% of his offspring should carry the tobiano pinto gene.  He was tested 9-16-08 through Shelterwood Labs in Texas.  His sire is also tested homozygous for tobiano pinto, and I think his dam may be homozygous as well. Chad produces both tiny and awesome foals.  See a sample of them below.  We are offering Chad for sale during our herd reduction sale as we are breeding less and trying to downsize our numbers. If you want a small, consistent producer of quality foals, then give Chad your consideration.  He has an awesome pedigree including X-Caliber's Little Navaho, Landry's WarPaint, Chianti, Davis Fancy Playgirl, Shadow Oak's Cock Robin, Sooner States Big Deal, Bond Jocko, San Antonio Gambler and more! Inquire on Chad today! You'll be glad you did!
Below are a few more photos of Chad and some photos of his offspring!

Mini-Go-Round's Golden Pharaoh,
Palomino pinto

Mini-Go-Round's Viggo,
silver dapple pinto

Mini-Go-Round's The Buck Stops Here,
buckskin pinto

Mini-Go-Round's Ace's Designer's Choice,
Grulla minimal pinto w/ 4 white stockings & 
a splash of white at the withers

Mini-Go-Round's Rembrandt
chestnut pinto

Mini-Go-Round's Ace of Diamonds
silver dapple pinto
He also sired Mini-Go-Round's Heavenly Spots, a black & white pintaloosa filly by Venus (black leopard) in 2006
which was born early and we lost the foal.
Shown Below is an AD I made for Chad!

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