Mini-Go-Round's Comanche's Doris Faye
Jandt's Comanche Warrior,
Bay Tovero Pinto w/ blue eyes
Mini-Go-Round's Moonlight Maiden
Solid Silver Buckskin
Sex: Mare
Color: Dark Buckskin & white pinto
Registry: AMHA/AMHR
Birth Date: April 28, 2009
Height: 33"
Remarks: This extra special daughter out of our National Champion stallion, Jandt's Comanche Warrior is named in honor of my dear Mom, Doris! At the age of 83, my Mom passed away the morning of this filly's birth. I told my sister that I was naming our next filly born after our Mom. Much to my delight, Moonlight foaled a filly 12 hours later that evening and she was 2 weeks early!  My Mom had been in the nursing home for 5 years prior to this and was bedridden and unable to walk. This filly stood up first try and walked immediately after being born. I felt this was confirmation that my Mom was still with me in spirit! I never intended to sell this extra special mare, but now that we are retiring, I simply must let some of my favorites go! Since I have so many favorites, it makes for very difficult choices! If you're interested in this mare, better hurry, as I may change my mind at any time! I have included some of her newborn photos below and you can better see her buckskin coloring in them. She is a very dark colored buckskin as an adult!
Below are photos of Doris as a foal!!
You can better see her true buckskin coloring in these foal photos!

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