Mini-Go-Round's Blizzard's Kit Kat 
SIRE: I'm An App-solute Blizzard in Black, leopard appaloosa
DAM: Foxfire's Catalina, silver bay pinto
Sex: Mare
Color: Black
Registry: AMHR
For Sale: Yes
Foaling Date: June 19, 2009
Height: 32"
Remarks: Kit Kat is one of the sweetest fillies we have ever had! As a foal she earned the nick name, Magnet, because she followed us everywhere around the barn corral while feeding, watering, etc. It was just like she was magnetized to us as she always wanted our attention. She would make a great mini for a youth show horse or for an elderly person's horse, since she is so extra people friendly!  Her small size is a nice plus, too! You will love Kit Kat! Ask about purchasing her today!

Kit Kat in 2011