Mini-Go-Round's Rembrandt

Mini-Go-Round's Ace's Dealer's Choice, 
bay & white pinto
Southbrooke's Lady's Amicitia, 
chestnut & white pinto w/ blue eyes
Sex: stallion
Color: Chestnut & white pinto
Registry: AMHA/AMHR
For Sale: YES
Birth Date: May 17, 2007
Height: 29.25"
I just love this tiny little stallion, who is out of one of my favorite little arab type mares who boasts big beautiful blue eyes, a very dishy head, and a tiny teacup muzzle. Rembrandt looks alot like his dam, although he didn't get her pretty blue eyes. Rembrandt was born with a perfect bite (I have photos of his bite and teeth as a yearling) and his bite itself is still good, but his bottom permanent teeth came in sideways due to a baby tooth that didn't come out at the proper time. I had my vet check his teeth when I found it, but he said he couldn't do anything for it, and that he was better off with them crooked than he would be with them pulled. I have photos of his teeth before and after, that I can e-mail should you be interested in this otherwise knock-out little stallion!




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