Mini-Go-Round's Shenandoah Buck
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SIRE: Mini-Go-Round's Ace's Megabucks
silver buckskin pinto
DAM: Full Moon's Middy Wu Wu Shenango,
red dun pinto with blue eyes
Sex: Stallion
Color: Palomino Pinto with blue eyes
Registry: AMHR
Birthdate:  6-7-08
Height: 32"
For Sale: YES
Remarks: As you can see from the above photos of Shenandoah just taken late August 2011, he has the most gorgeous coat color & a beautiful mane & tail!! He looks very much like his dam, only he didn't inherit the dorsal stripe down the back and his mane is silver-white instead of reddish colored.  He inherited his dam's beautiful, clear blue eyes.  He was the first foal, by our tiny, buckskin pinto stallion that we raised, Ace's Megabucks.  Shenandoah has had oodles of attention and thus is a very loving and gentle young stallion who followed us around for attention as a young foal, untying our shoe laces and tugging at our coats.   He would make an exceptional show horse. He is ready for his own mares & would be excellent for producing gorgeous palominoes & sorrels. He has a good bite, straight legs, and is dropped & ready for mares and he  measures 31.75" - 32". 
Below are some of Shenandoah's baby photos. As you can see, he was adorable!!!!
Below are his photos when we clipped him as a baby,
but we clipped his coat too short with a 15 blade instead of a 10, so we clipped off some of his coat color.
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