Full Moon Middy Wu Wu Shenango
Schrandt's Sunny Side Up
Overo Pinto
Bickel's Canyon Desert Flower
Grulla pinto w/dorsal stripe &zebra stripes
Sex: Mare
Color: Red dun & white Sabino Overo pinto with blue eyes & red dorsal stripe
Registry: AMHR
Birth Date: October 11, 1999
Height: 33.50" 
Remarks: Shenango is a very eye catching, red dun pinto mare. She is a very unique and pretty color with a red dorsal stripe down her back, a big white blaze face, and big, bright, beautiful blue eyes. She has had several nice foals for us, including Mini-Go-Round's Pippi Longstockings, a chestnut pinto with high white stockings and gorgeous blue eyes (out of our Champion stallion, CSF Mark Chestnut aka:Joker,) and Mini-Go-Round's Shenandoah Buck pictured with her below out of our stallion, Mini-Go-Round's Ace's Megabucks. We just love this gorgeous and sweet mare and it is with great reluctance I am offering her for sale now that we are retiring from breeding. She is a very friendly mare and in excellent health!!
Below are more photos of Shenango & some of her colt, Shenandoah.


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