Mini-Go-Round's Chiantis Bubbles
foaled March 18, 1999
palomino & white pinto filly
our first born foal this year; we will be keeping her for our breeding program as we have sold her sire.  It looked like she would be chestnut & white pinto at birth, but has since lightened  to a palomino & white pinto, exactly what we were hoping for!
Flying A's Chiantis Different Drummer
(Chianti grandson)
Hidden Meadows Sugar Plum
Bubbles is not for sale


Congratulations to Helen & Edward Nix of Wichita Falls, Texas on their recent purchase of Hawk!!!Thank You & Good Luck with your appy breeding program!
Mini-Go-Round's Chiantis Night Hawk
foaled April 8th, 1999
Bay appaloosa colt
AMHR.  His dam is a maiden mare, who had very little milk when he was first born; thus he was handled intensively his first night (thus his name, Night Hawk) as we spent most of the night bottle supplementing & giving colostrum. He is, therefore majorly people imprinted.  He loves the attention and gets between the other foals when they come up to be petted.  Very refined, & showy type; Should show well.  Hawk is beginning a color change & looks like he might wind up a few spot leopard.
Reh's Classy Night
bay,  loudly marked, near leopard appaloosa stallion
Moonlight's Appy Buttons CF
silver dapple bay, loudly marked, near leopard appaloosa mare


Mini-Go-Round's Ace's X-Caliber
 buckskin-dun pinto colt
foaled April 15, 1999
AMHA/AMHR.  When born he was a lighter buckskin color, but now he is a darker shade.  He's a minimally marked pinto colt, who will definitely be an attention getter in the showring.  His black mane, & mixed tail will accentuate his basic coat color, and with his excellent conformation he should make a super show horse. He has a very laid back disposition, and likes his share of the attention. Click here for face view.
Rockin' J Playboy's Ace
Shadow Oak's Prudence




Mini-Go-Round's Midnight Magic
foaled April 20, 1999
black roan colt with one blue eye, crooked strip & snip & 1 white fetlock
sired by our mostly white medicine hat Tovero stallion & out of a solid jet black mare; there's a good chance he is a sabino overo pinto and will most likely be a pinto producer.  A definite herdsire prospect who will stay small.  Another one of those foals who can't get enough of your attention.  He's a definite people lover, with personality plus.  His sire, Medicine Man, produced 2 other foals out of his first foal crop and they were both medicine hat fillies.  Click here to view one of them, Mini-Go-Round's Lollapalooza. 
Mini-Go-Round's Medicine Man
(aka:Southbrooke's Todd's Lad)
Mini-Go-Round's Coca Cola Girl 

Mini-Go-Round's Precious Angel
foaled May 4th, 1999
AMHA/AMHR pending
a super refined, knockout filly, with a tiny dished head and straight, tiny refined legs; She's very near perfect & exactly what we strive to breed for. Looks like she's going to be a black & white pinto.  And she's definitely a keeper.  Look for her in the showring in 2000 with our youngest daughter, Nikki, at the lead. 
Mini-Go-Round's Babes Barney
Southbrooke's Lady's Amicitia
Angel is not for sale


Congratulations to Ron & Sarah Brinkley of Gentry, AR on their recent purchase of Raggedy Ann!!!Thank You!

Mini-Go-Round's Raggedy Ann
chestnut & white pinto filly
foaled May 7th, 1999
AMHR pending
Raggedy Ann is anything but raggedy. She's a very pretty, & sweet filly, who will stay fairly small.  She would be a definite asset to anyone's breeding program.  On top of her excellent conformation, she is a Shadow Oak's William Henry granddaughter & a Shadow Oak's Paul Bunyan great granddaughter!! 
Woodbury's Star
Hocott's Liberty Belle


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